Walnut helps nourish the best choice for anti-aging

Walnut helps nourish the best choice for anti-aging

When I was young, every time before the exam, my parents would buy some walnuts to make up the brain. In fact, walnuts can even supplement brain nutrition and the effect of beauty and skin care.

And walnuts are the best choice for health care.

  Walnut: A lot of walnuts, formerly known as walnuts, and peaches, are native to southeastern Europe and western Asia, and to the south.

Walnut is rich in nutrients, it is an ideal nourishing good, but also a “healthy friend” for diet and health.

Walnut’s main plasma fat, which contains lipids such as linoleic acid glyceride, linolenic acid and oleic acid glyceride, is beneficial for reducing cholesterol in the blood, and is beneficial to arteriosclerosis and health care for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has called walnuts “longevity fruit” since ancient times. It is believed that walnut can nourish the kidney and strengthen the brain, supplement the vital energy, moisturize the skin, and black hair.

Walnut is most suitable for mental workers, especially white-collar women, because this part of people often use excessive brain, it is very painful, often eat walnuts can make up the brain, improve brain circulation and enhance brain power.

At the same time, there is also Wufa, which makes the skin smooth, because “the blood of the hair”, the blood is black, and the conversion of vitamins in the walnut can improve the physiological activity of the skin, so it is a beauty for women.

  Modern nutrition studies suggest that walnuts contain about 50% of the shells and other oxides, containing 63% linoleic acid, 16.

4% linolenic acid, as well as rich protein, phosphorus, calcium and multivitamins, contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which can enhance the cerebral vascular elasticity and promote the vitality of nerve cells and improve the physiological functions of the brain.

  The function of the walnut and the method of eating the brain can add the walnut kernel and the rock sugar into a “walnut mud”, which is hidden in the porcelain jar. Each time two spoons are taken, the water is washed with boiling water, and a layer of white liquid floats in the sputum.This is the “walnut milk”, which is delicious.

  Helping the beauty to eat for a long time to eat walnut porridge cooked with walnut kernels, can nourish the skin, make people white and tender, especially the elderly skin aging should be eaten more often.

  Anti-aging walnuts contain vitamin E, and the oxidative damage of recombinant cells incorporated into free radicals is recognized as an anti-aging substance in the medical world. Therefore, walnuts are known as “Longevity” and “longevity fruit”.

  Yixin walnut has a variety of unsaturated and single unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol levels.

Therefore, eating nuclear walnuts has certain benefits for the human heart.

  Treatment of insomnia often eat walnuts have a healing effect on insomnia caused by kidney deficiency.

The method is to use 5 walnut kernels, 30 grams of sugar, smashed into the pot, add 50 ml of rice wine into the pot, simmer for 30 minutes, 1 day, twice serving.

  Anti-constipation method: 1.

The walnut kernels are saute and fine, and 20 grams per night before bedtime.


Walnut kernels, pine nuts, and cypress kernels are aliquoted. Finely used honey to make pills (ie, Sanren Pills). Each pill weighs 9 grams, 2-3 pills each time, 2 times a day.


6 grams of walnut kernels, smashed, add appropriate amount of honey into a paste, warm water to send clothes, 3 times a day.

  Antitussive and expectant walnut kernels have anti-histamine-induced bronchial smooth muscle spasm rupture and antitussive effect.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Hong Maiyun: There are dysentery, three stars of walnuts, three slices of ginger, chewing clothes while lying, and two or three soups, and then chewing peaches, ginger as before, that is, lyingAnd once and for all.

“Forensic foreign nutritionists have found that taking arthritis patients with walnuts is beneficial, which is consistent with the Chinese doctor’s understanding that walnuts “good governance, back pain, leg pain, all bones and muscles pain”.

The mechanism of pecan cure arthritis, Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by the role of kidney and strong gluten, which is thought to be related to vitamin B6.

  Playing with walnuts also protects the “four famous walnuts” played by the Beijingers: the lion’s head, the chicken heart, the son’s hat, and the official hat are basically the names based on the shape of the walnut.

Play a walnut with a moving bone to promote blood circulation, and second to overcome its wrinkles and angular teeth, stimulate the palm and fingers on the acupuncture points, thereby dredging the meridians, rickets and years, not easy to suffer from high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis and other vascular diseases.

The old drummer and the piano teacher in the Liyuan area also like pecans to keep their fingers length.

  There are techniques for licking walnuts. There are also techniques for walnuts. The best way to do this is to make walnuts a plaything. Gently move back and forth between the fingers to move the blood of your fingers.

Walnuts must be played by hand to get the jade.

In terms of color, the deeper the color, the better the walnut.

The better it feels, the more it will infiltrate the air and blood of your hand into its “body.”

揉 walnut can make you not hurry, have fun in the play, change its color without knowing it.

After a long time, you may be able to figure out the natural patterns on the way of the walnut pattern. The pair of walnuts in the father’s hand played the pattern of the lion’s head and the dragon.

  At present, the society is quietly playing with the hot walnuts. Playing walnuts is not a patent for the elderly. Many white-collar ladies also use hand-kicked into a kun walnut for fashion. They also have large models of playing walnuts. They think that there is a pair of good walnuts in their hands.Too much grade.

Not only Chinese, but also foreign countries, including Japan, South Korea, more and more people playing with walnuts.  After all, the pecans are wild plants, and there are fewer and fewer rare varieties. There are more and more people playing with walnuts. Therefore, the price hike is the trend of the times, and its collection value is self-evident.

  Eat walnut tips 1.

Walnuts should not eat more traces of walnuts. Although they are unsaturated fatty acids that are good for scavenging free radicals, they have a high conversion rate. If they are too much to be fully utilized, they will be used as capsules.When stored, the result is counterproductive.

Usually, the weight of walnuts taken every day should be about 40 grams, which is equivalent to about four or five walnuts.

At the same time, other temporary substitutions should be appropriately reduced to introduce excessive incorporation.


It is not advisable to eat Chinese medicine on the diarrhea. The walnut is very angry and contains a lot of oil. If you eat too much, it will cause you to get angry and disgusting. People who are getting angry and diarrhea should not eat it.


Eat walnuts should drink less tea, walnuts have a laxative effect, but the walnut shell boiled water can treat diarrhea.

Walnut kernel contains amino acid, which can be combined with iron and calcium to reduce the effect.

Drink less tea when eating walnuts.


Don’t peel and eat. Some people like to peel off the brown skin on the surface of the walnut, which will lose some nutrients, so don’t peel off the skin.