Not angry, not drunk, good for longevity

Not angry, not drunk, good for longevity

In the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen mentioned in the “Healing Health” that “there is no more drunken night, the first ring morning.”

“It means that you can’t drink at night, don’t be angry in the morning, this is the health care.”

  The Chinese have long recognized that wine is “sweet and sorrowful, big drink and hurt”, and drunk at night is especially harmful to the human body.

In the view of Chinese medicine, the wine is warm and has the effect of acting and dispersing, while the night is the time when the human body converges. The night drunk will disturb the normal physiological laws of the human body and lead to physical diseases.

At the same time, the metabolism at night is mostly slowed down, and the metabolism of alcohol is also slowed down, which increases the damage to the human body.

Drunk will cause damage to the nervous system, liver, heart and brain, stomach and other systems and organs.

  With the “first ring morning”, in the view of Chinese medicine, the morning is equivalent to the “spring” of the day, which is the time when the “liver gas” is born.

The “liver” that Chinese medicine says is related to the nervous system spoken by Western medicine, and is closely related to mood and emotion.

In the morning, calm and pleasant mental state can ensure the smooth development of “liver qi”, otherwise it will lead to “liver qi stagnation.”

Many diseases, many gynecological diseases, and tumors are closely related to liver qi stagnation.

  Of course, in addition to being angry in the morning, other times should be avoided.

Being angry or causing heart disease, stroke, especially in the elderly.