A thin abdomen to lose weight without talking about acupressure

A thin abdomen to lose weight without talking about acupressure

Now more and more girls begin to pay attention to their appearance early, and waist and abdomen has become a recognized “eye in the nail, stabbing in the meat”.

Therefore, more and more people are required to “pick up” and “pull”.

In addition to doing abdominal muscle exercises, only regular simple massage and finger pressure at home can effectively perform abdominal abdomen within two months. This method is convenient and easy, so let Xiaobian introduce it to you now.


Rubbing to lose weight First of all, you have to relax your body, and press your right palm in your abdomen.

Then take the navel as the center and massage in a clockwise direction. The breathing should be stable and the force should be even.

Massage once every 50 minutes, once a day, every 12 times for a course of treatment, 3 breaks between each course?
5 days.

  Note: The massage should be synchronized with the breathing i, that is, the hand should be massaged in the upper right half of the circle when inhaling, and the left lower half of the hand should be massaged when exhaling.


The finger pressure points of the simple acupressure method include: two points adjacent to the back spine; the distance is extended by one inch; and then one point is extended by one point, for a total of 6 points.

Place your hands on the waist and place the thumb of your thumb on the fingertip closest to the spine while simultaneously inserting for 3 seconds.

Then let go and move to the 2 finger pressure points below.

This is always pressed to the outside of the acupressure point.

The best effect is.

  A point of 4 inches below the navel and 2 points of each inch of the left and right, a total of 3 points.

Put the three fingers of the two hands (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) together, once from the right to the lower one.

Gently step on it and feel the moderate strength.


The mysterious Indian massage 1 puts your hands on the side of the waist, and the thumb pushes the excess meat behind the waist side forward, which seems to squeeze the excess meat into the pelvis.

  2 Initially kneading the abdomen with both hands will help eliminate excess meat.

Note that kneading must be performed from the outside of the abdomen to the center.

  3 Take a deep breath with your nose and then exhale slowly.

At the same time, the hand palm draws a circle on the abdomen in a clockwise direction.

Take care to focus on the Dantian (placed in the middle of the navel and tibia).

You can also massage with a brush or massage pad.


Abdominal massage weight loss method 1 with two fingers stacking method: two thumbs overlap, placed on the navel, the weight of the massage to feel the pulse beats under the hands and I feel comfortable.

  2 wave push method: two hands and five fingers close together, naturally straight, the left palm is placed on the back of the right finger, the right hand finger is flat on the abdomen, then push hard to the left, then press the left palm with force to the right, so push oneBack, slowly moving from top to bottom, like the waves in the water.

  Note: Abdominal massage to lose weight optional Guanyuan points (3 inches under the navel), Tianshu points (2 inches next to the navel) and Zhongyu points (4 inches on the navel), abdomen small apes in the abdominal massage, first with wavesIs the push method moved from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3?
4 times, and then use the two-finger stack method to apply force to the Zhongyu point, Zuotianshu point, Guanyuan point, stepping into each hole 2?
3 minutes, after each press, insert 2 by wave pushing method?
About 3 minutes, once a day.

However, it is not advisable to have a massage when it is particularly obese or after a meal.

If the chronic disease can be massaged for one month, rest for a few days before continuing.

Daily massage, with dietary adjustment, will reduce the effect of the abdomen.