Wild flowers in the spring outing are poisonous

Wild flowers in the spring outing are poisonous

● Experts remind parents to take care of pollen allergies and wild fruits in the spring, wild mushroom poisoning ● After the child has an allergic reaction, different treatments should be taken according to different symptoms. Spring comes, many parents choose to take the children on weekends.Going green.

Although the colorful nature can bring endless fun to children, it also hides the “killer”

that threatens the health and even life of children.

  Experts remind parents that spring is the high season of urticaria and allergic rhinitis. After allergic children are exposed to allergens such as pollen, red eczema may appear in the eyes, nose, face, ears, lips, lips and other parts.

In addition, wild fruits, wild mushrooms should not be arbitrarily.

Even the same kind of wild fruit, adults eat nothing, children may not be poisoned or even die.

  Poisoning wild fruit: The toxins in the nuclear nucleus can be fatal. “Be sure to take special care when traveling with children in spring. Do not pick wild fruits and mushrooms on the roadside.

Professor Wang Bo, director of the Department of Pediatrics of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded that even if the same kind of wild fruit, adults eat nothing, it does not mean that the child will eat nothing.

  ”Some of the wild fruit toxins are hidden in the core. When the adults eat, they swallow the nucleus and the meat together. The nucleus is discharged with the stool and will not cause poisoning.

The child swallows the nuclear bite, and as a result, the toxin enters the kidney, which quickly leads to poisoning, which ultimately kills the child’s life.

“Wang Bo said.

  Mushrooms: can cause vomiting, coma in addition to the color of the attractive wild fruit, looks cute mushrooms can also contain highly toxic.

Wang Bo said that many mothers know that colorful mushrooms can’t be eaten, but some poisonous mushrooms don’t look much different from the appearance of mushrooms. “This poisonous mushroom is often the easiest to recruit.”

“Wang Bo said.
  ”After eating the poisonous mushroom, it will take an hour or two, and if it is slow for four or five hours, the child will have vomiting, coma and other poisoning reactions.

Wang Bo reminded that the proportion of young children is weaker than that of adults. In the case of eating the same amount of poisonous mushrooms, young children are often poisoned deeper.

  After handling poisoning, you can induce vomiting and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. In case the child has eaten poisonous wild fruits and mushrooms, what should parents do?

Wang Bo said that under conditions, parents can induce vomiting, but it is best to send the hospital as soon as possible. “If the parents are not eye-catching, treat the child’s symptoms as indigestion and give the child some medicine. It is likely to be delayed.The time of treatment even endangers the child’s life.

Wang Bo said that once poisoned, the situation of children is much more complicated than that of adults. Children of different ages have different functions and poisoning reactions.

“The same problem occurs with children of different ages, and the doctors will handle it differently.

Children of the same age are treated differently in different ways.

In addition to eating poisonous mushrooms and poisonous wild fruits, eating drugs is also a hidden danger in children’s health.

The doctors of the ICU of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital have recently rescued a boy who became poisoned by eating and drinking (a pseudonym).

Wang Bo reminded parents that they must keep the medicine in a place where children can’t reach it. Don’t just take the medicine and just put it on the table.

“If the child eats the contraceptive pill, there may be vaginal bleeding; if you eat the diabetes drug, you may have hypoglycemia symptoms – pale, weak, sweating, these should cause parents to be vigilant.

“Allergic pollen: small baby allergic is easy to move” spring season, is also a high season for acute measles and allergic rhinitis.

“Mr. Peng Shumei, deputy director of the Pediatrics Department of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded that there are more and more children with allergic constitutions. Some children are exposed to allergens such as pollen, eyes, nose, face, ears, lips, lips, etc.Red eczema appears in the area, and this allergic reaction is most common in spring.

  Peng Shumei said that different children may be allergic to different flowers, and allergic reactions may be different. “Some of them are expressed on the skin, while others are expressed in organs. Larger children may say that itchy, and small babies may be very agitated.

She reminded that if the child is always blinking, rubbing his nose, scratching his ears, or sneezing, his eyes are red and itchy, and even tears, parents should be alert to whether the child has an allergic reaction.

  Food: Seafood allergies are the most common. In addition to pollen allergy, food allergies are also a condition to be wary when taking a child out.

Peng Shumei reminded that there are many foods that are easy to cause allergies to children. The most common ones are seafood. “Some children eat seafood, there will be rash on the skin, or the eyes and mouth are swollen, and even allergies may occur.shock.

Peng Shumei said that after an allergic reaction to a child, different treatments should be taken according to different symptoms. A mild reaction can use anti-allergic drugs, and a severe shock should use intravenous drugs.

She specifically reminded that acute attacks caused by food or absorptive allergens may be fatal and must be dealt with immediately. “Children with a medical history must go out and parents must bring their medicines with them.

“” Jujube, honey has a certain anti-allergic effect, usually can give children more to eat.

Peng Shumei said that eating more carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables with high vitamin C content also has a certain anti-allergic effect.

She also warned that children with skin allergies should pay attention to the use of mild shower gel and shampoo without soap.