Choose the right sleeping position and see which one is right for you?

Choose the right sleeping position and see which one is right for you?

Choose the correct sleeping position 1.

Supine: 60% of people choose to sleep on their back, which is the best public sleeping position recommended by doctors.

But people who have snoring and respiratory illnesses do not use this sleeping position.

  Advantages: Do not oppress the organs of the body.

  Disadvantages: It is easy to cause the tongue to fall and breathe many times.


Prone: 5% of people choose to lie on their backs and sleep.

  Advantages: People who use this sleeping position will feel safe when they sleep, and also help the discharge of foreign bodies in the mouth; it is also good for people with problems in the lumbar spine.

  Disadvantages: People who oppress the heart and lungs, affect breathing, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and cerebral thrombosis are not easy to choose to prone.


A little sleep: this sleeping position is easy for people to turn over and over during sleep, resulting in a distorted sleep.

Moreover, since the human heart is located in the body part, the bottom lying will press the heart, so it is a very unhealthy sleeping position.

  Disadvantages: Compression of the heart, stomach, especially for patients with stomach disease, acute liver disease, gallstones is not easy to use lying.


Lying on the right: 25% of people will face to the right while sleeping.

  Advantages: Does not oppress the heart, sleep has a sense of stability.

  Disadvantages: affecting the right lung movement, not suitable for patients with emphysema.