Hit the wall, Shujinhuoxue

Hit the wall, Shujinhuoxue

Old people who get up early in the morning to fight against the trees and keep fit.

This method seems to be simple, but it contains the concept of health, and it is similar to the “iron back” of Chinese medicine.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are many important meridians on the back of the person, some bladders and the Du Meridian.

The bladder passes through the head from the head to the foot, so when it is abnormal, it will also affect the whole body.

Du Meridian is the meeting of Zhuyang, and through the Du Meridian, many diseases can be eliminated.

The method of hitting the wall or hitting the tree is to follow this principle, massage, squeeze the back end of the meridian, and the acupuncture points on it to achieve the purpose of health care.

In addition, it is also good for the back muscles to strengthen the back muscles by hitting the hard objects such as the wall surface.

  The method of hitting the wall (tree) is easy to learn and can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

When hitting, it should be light to heavy, and the time is from short to long.

If the top wall (or tree) is not painful in advance, it can be extended to 5-10 minutes.

At the same time as each impact, the nose should make a short jet and make a “b” sound.

In addition to vertical impact, you can also rotate the back from left to right, impact, or hit the wall with the side of the body, so that the entire end can be properly squeezed.

  However, it should be noted that the elderly are weaker and have chronic diseases. When doing the above actions, they should be slowed down, and the strength should be controlled to be as light as possible to prevent problems such as injury or dizziness.