Banlangen actually hurts the stomach

Banlangen actually hurts the stomach

Banlangen is cold and bitter.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and pharynx, mainly used for fever, headache, sore throat, and also treating hair rash. It can also treat mumps.

According to modern research, Banlangen does have broad-spectrum antibacterial effects in vitro (including ulcerative bacteria, Salmonella bacteria, hemolytic streptococcus), can be anti-virus, and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic effects, etc.Treating diseases.

Banlangen granules are powdered granules prepared by finely processing and refining traditional Chinese medicine sapphire roots. They have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, and can treat viral influenza, tonsillitis, mumps, epidemic encephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, erysipelas and other diseases.
  Because the sapphire roots taste bitter cold, the wind and heat caused by the evil in the body in the early stage.

Because each Chinese medicine has its medicinal properties, Banlangen has a bitter cold, is a heat-clearing and antidote, has a certain anti-viral effect, clinically shows that it has a certain role in the onset of wind-heat and viral hepatitis, but other types of colds such as wind and coldIt may not be suitable.

When people take too much radix radix in a healthy state, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, but it is easy to cause certain diseases.

If it is a person with a debilitating constitution, it often feels that the spleen and stomach are not harmonious, it is easy to diarrhea, and the body is afraid of cold. It is not suitable for drinking Banlangen granules. It is best not to take more than three days.

Because of its bitter cold and stomach, it will bring a series of internal reactions.

So that the cold did not cure, but caused stomach pain, chills, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

Especially for children, the function of the spleen and stomach is not yet perfect, and more than Banlangen is more likely to cause symptoms such as indigestion.

In fact, those who are allergic to Radix, should avoid the use of sound.

The allergic reaction is caused by the injection of Banlangen, which is characterized by dizziness, shortness of breath, discarding vomiting, palpitation, rash, and sometimes erythema multiforme rash. In severe cases, blood pressure drops and anaphylactic shock occurs, and rescue is not timely.There is danger to life.

In addition, people with diabetes and diabetes should not be good at taking sugary Radix granules.