Let you become a goddess of luck

Let you become a goddess of luck

Looking at my girlfriend, someone is particularly lucky: she can go straight all the way, she has a diamond king five early, she is always love.

what about you?

It is very bleak.

Do you often feel worried about doing this?

In fact, every day can be the starting point of gold, or you can go to hell.

It depends on whether you can adjust your senses, your mind, and your life.

Being a goddess of luck is no more difficult than taking a driving license.

  The first lesson: Respect for civilians.

  Fo Yin and Su Dongpo often meditate together with Zen.

Once, after the appointment, Dongpo said that in the meditation, he saw that the Buddha’s seal is a yellow cow dung (this thing is similar to the color of the monk’s daily wear).

Fo Yin said that Dongpo is a Buddha that makes him understand.

Dongpo Da Le, I don’t know if it’s just a win.

  Because the realm of meditation is what you see in your eyes, what you think in your heart, the natural bloom of nature.

It is true that if you regard others as excrement, people will never regard you as a god.

  The second lesson: love yourself.

  The core idea of Wu Danru’s inspirational book “Being a Good Life Girl” is that there is a secret to creating a good life, that is, good for yourself and luck will be good.

For yourself, the first is to be happy.

If you are happy with others, then you will try your best.

Jane Jingping and you are comfortable, you have to keep it, not to change externally.

To love yourself is not to be used to yourself, not to be selfish (both of them will break the first lesson).

Love yourself is to recognize yourself, educate and nurture yourself.

  The US Newsweek selected 20 outstanding American women of the new generation. According to their experience, they summed up the ten rules: ask other women, insist on their own salary, make mistakes and change, and be a self-solving person.

These ten laws, if you can do half, can become a goddess of luck.

  The third lesson: insight into life.

  A friend and a fat cat are senior Garfield fans.

He most appreciated the conversation between Garfield and his master – Jon: “Gaffi, I love you very much.”

Garfield: “Me too, I love myself too.”

“Analysis of Garfield’s words: “I am also” This is to imitate the master, imitation is the greatest respect for others.

(Scientists who study body language argue that the subordinates who imitate the supervisor are most likely to be promoted.

“I also love myself very much.” Apparently, Garfield has completed two classes for good luck, and in the third class, it has done a better job – Garfield and the puppy have lost time and were shut down by animal shelters for a few days.

After a few days at home, Jon came to the pet store and saw them. They were very happy and went home together.

  In the days of wandering and imprisonment, Garfield must have hoped that Jon would save it.

There must have been disappointment in Garfield’s mind: the world really stopped working, not from anyone.

Want to understand Garfield after this point, the haze disappears quickly, and happiness returns to the side.

This time of happiness and the happiness of the past have a qualitative leap forward.