Ballet, give you a body shape

Ballet, give you a body shape

Have you seen a ballet dancer dancing ballet?

  Not long ago, the Central Ballet held a commemorative performance of several generations of actors performing the ballet “Red Women Army”. Bai Shuxiang, who is over 60 years old, Song Song, 60 years old, Yin Xiuzhe, nearly 60% of Wan Qiwu, fiveThe seventeen-year-old Xue Jinghua is divided according to the “annual ring” of the ballet. Because of the return of these “old-age”, this is a performance of four generations on the same stage. It is rare.

  Of course, with the young actors, the high-difficult, big-moving movements, they can’t do it, but they can still jump and spin on the stage, except for the body shape and speed, strength and difficulty attenuation that are no longer youthful.Besides, you really can’t believe that this is a group of grandmothers who have been grandmothers.

When Yin Xiuzhe, who plays the fourth child, turned the gyro to win the full color; when the age is 117-year-old Xue Jinghua, Song Yu jumped Qionghua and the company’s two-person dance; when the first generation of Joan 38 years agoHuabai Shuxiang was solved from the hanging piles. When you stepped on the high steps and escaped from the original dance movement, in addition to the impact of a spiritual power, the rest is to marvel at the charm of the ballet.Going to the physiological youth of the people, the ballet retains the bodybuilding of the person.

  Like Xue Jinghua, Song Yu, etc., although they have already left the stage, they have been teaching in the army ballet, and they practice every day.

Wan Qiwu, Yin Xiuzhe and so on have been active on the stage for decades. Ballet has extended the artistic life of old artists and gave them a body that envy their peers.

In contrast, Wang Guohua, the second-generation Hong Changqing’s actor, took off his shoes and changed to a writing job. He was a big belly on the stage, giving him the feeling that he couldn’t help himself.

  Some kinematics experts have pointed out that ballet is the best bodybuilding and slimming exercise.

Researchers have also studied that the amount of exercise in a ballet class (including lifting, etc.) is equivalent to a “one and a half” gymnastics class.

According to reports, there are now more and more young and middle-aged women who choose ballet training as a fitness and fitness method in their spare time.

  In this way, the stubbornness of ballet bringing people’s vitality is also amazing.

Many years ago, an actor from the Central Ballet was seriously injured in the middle of the night. In the absence of a car, his companion carried him back to the close friendship hospital outside, and after emergency rescue, he saved his life and kept it.Art life.

The doctor once sighed: Fortunately, he is a ballet dancer, and his physical condition is good. Otherwise, it will not work if he has so much blood.

It’s over to change the average person!

  From that point of view, practicing ballet is very embarrassing to people.