Elderly autumn health care

Elderly autumn health care

In the golden autumn season, the autumn wind is cool, which is the season when people feel most comfortable.

However, the yang in the autumn gradually gradually progresses from the ascending and floating, the physiological function gradually calms down, the yang gradually declines, and the climate gradually turns cold, which is the season of easy onset of old age.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the characteristics of autumn climate change, disease prevention and extension, the elderly should pay attention to autumn health.

  1, adjust the diet.

Because the elderly are weakened by the five internal organs, the stomach is weak. If the diet is cold and ruthless, the cure will be impermanent, and the stomach will be ill.

Therefore, the elderly in the fall should eat less meals, eat more soft appetizers and digestibles.

In addition, due to the dry climate in autumn, it is easy to suffer from autumn and dryness. Therefore, the choice of food should be based on Ganping Runzao and Yangshengjinjin.

Such as: pear, lily, Ophiopogon japonicus, medlar, yam, pig lung, lotus seed, medlar, etc. can eat more; can also add some nourishing Chinese medicine porridge, soaking in wine, such as porridge porridge, Huangjing porridge, Yuzhu wine,Persimmon wine, etc., has a positive effect on strengthening the disease.

  2, nursed back to the spirit.

Autumn chills, the desolate landscape of nature is likely to lead to negative emotions of pessimistic sadness in the elderly.

The study found that: bad psychological stimulation, will inhibit the body’s immune defense function, easy to cause endocrine and metabolic disorders, resulting in many diseases, so the elderly should pay special attention to mental health, can choose the appropriate chess and painting, planting flowers and grass,Cultural and recreational activities such as plaything and bird watching, to enjoy the body and mind, to cultivate sentiment, and to spend the rest of his life.

  3, pay attention to the living.

“A cold autumn rains a little”, autumn, the temperature difference changes, the temperature is low, the wind and cold evil is very easy to hurt people, plus the elderly resistance and adaptability is reduced, especially susceptible to colds, upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease,Even heart failure is life-threatening.

Therefore, you should pay attention to cold and warm, conditional can continue to wash your face with cold water, wipe the nose, and even cold bath to improve cold and anti-cold ability.

  4, focus on prevention.

The special climatic characteristics of autumn are prone to “autumn dry cough”, cold, chronic bronchitis, stomach, rheumatism, hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, the elderly focus on prevention, combined with their physical condition, actively control the primary disease, alert to the incidence of easy fall in autumn.