The deeper you love, the easier it is to see the scars.

The deeper you love, the easier it is to see the scars.

Sometimes there are some ridiculous thoughts floating from the bottom of my heart, perhaps because I read a certain literary work, perhaps because I listened to someone’s emotional story.

Sometimes I will be stupid to think that there is a degree in everything. Too often is counterproductive. Is there a degree in this love?

As the saying goes, “the deep pain of love”, it seems that love and pain are directly proportional.

  Originally, love should make people feel happy and happy. Why is it connected with pain?

It may be because the feelings are too deep, but it is more likely to cause harm!

I think that the world’s crazy men and women can’t live easily in the red dust, perhaps because they are tired of being loved and hurt by love!

Love is too deep, it is easy to see scars, and many love stories seem to confirm this sentence.

  In the depths of love, when people fall in love, people may lose their reason.

Feeling too deep, it is more likely to cause scars, just think about how to completely possess each other, regardless of the actual situation, often after the injury, I know that I am wrong, but many times the fault can not make up, the scars that have formedWill always be a pain in my heart, and this hurt, because love is too deep!

  The things in the world are very strange. Two people who are very close to each other will always hurt each other, which will make love become scarred.

Perhaps because of the deep love, it will be more demanding and will be more likely to cause harm.

In reality, even an ignorant child will only be spoiled in front of his parents who love themselves, because the children know that their parents will never hurt them.

The two people who are deeply in love, the more clearly each other’s heart, the more distorted the lover is, the more likely it is to cause harm.

  Because you love each other deeply, you will become extremely sensitive.

Perhaps an action, a look that doesn’t feel like your own thoughts, will make waves in your heart, and you will feel that the other person has not put yourself in the heart, you will not be able to get angry.

The other party, yet, did not figure out what was going on, and it was unreasonable to grab a white meal, and naturally it would not be happy.

I feel that I have not done anything wrong. I still keep saying how to love myself. There is no reason to anger my temper. I have no tender feelings. Where did I go?

  Because I love each other deeply and want each other to pamper myself, because I want the other person to pamper myself and demand the other party, because the demand is to hurt the other party, because I hurt the other party and eventually hurt myself.

Love is too deep, it is easy to see the scars, and this injury is because of mutual love, but the pain in the hearts of both sides, love, it will hurt, it will hurt, how can love not be connected with pain?

  It is really not easy to fall in love deeply, because this requires not only two people to pay a sincere heart, but also to be able to withstand the pain of this love, to face the scar of this love!

  Which pair of lovers want to give each other the deepest and most true love, always think that having love can make two people live the same life in heaven, but never thought that love will hurt, there will be pain, and will stay.Lower scars.

Loving others has more opportunities to hurt each other, because the doors of both sides are open to each other, because there is no guard, because exposing the softest places to the other party will only make it easier to hurt each other.

  Love someone deeply and never hurt him (her). Everyone who loves will think so, and almost no one can do it.

Love and injury are always a pair of brothers, hurt because of love, and hurt because of love.

  But we never have to worry that this injury will be fatal, because as long as true love is still there, this injury will only make people remember the feelings of the past more deeply, and there is no unforgettable taste.

Only if there is no truth in it, the wound will always bleed and never heal.

Love can cause harm, love will recover from it, there is no need to worry, and this love with scars, because it has been tempered, but it has become stronger.

In this way, the love between Yin Susu and Zhang Cuishan, when Zhang Cuishan heard the reason why Yin Susu said that she would not help each other, she only felt that her deep love for her was more shocking, so the feelings of the two became more and more profound.

  Love is too deep, it is easy to see scars, but as long as true love is still there, the scar will become a commemorative coin of love.

When a person recalls his emotional journey, the scar of love will flash in the depths of memory and become a treasure in the depths of the heart!