[After drinking red bean barley tastes tasteless]_ 赤小豆 _ 苡 仁

[After drinking red bean barley tastes tasteless]_ 赤小豆 _ 苡 仁

Red bean and barley are two kinds of Chinese medicinal materials mixed together to cook a variety of red bean barley water or red bean barley porridge.

The private red beans and barley have their own medicinal effects, which are very beneficial to the human body, but some people still have some abnormal conditions after drinking red bean barley water.

So after drinking the red bean barley water, the mouth tastes tasteless. Is this normal?

1. Although the partiality of indica rice is relatively peaceful, don’t worry too much, and you usually eat with red beans and dates, and it will also calm the coldness of indica riceDrinking water can help reduce fat and lose weight. It is not a cold medicine. It should be suitable for requirements. 2. Cold body can not often eat barley. Suggestions: barley is not easy to cook. It is best to soak for a few hours before cooking.Appropriately add some previous rice, glutinous rice to improve the taste.

Kernels are slightly cold, so you should eat a little more debilitating body, so those with deficient constitution should not take it for a long time. It is best not to consume barley rice alone during the holiday. Be sure to add red beans, peanuts, red dates and other warm Dongdong to cook together.To neutralize the coldness of barley.

Coix seed contains high viscosity, and eating more may cause digestion and digestion, so it is best not to eat too much at a time3. Traditional medicine believes that summer and autumn are hot and rainy, and the humidity is heavy.

Excessive dampness can cause disease.

Wet evil hurts people internally and externally. Most of the wetness is caused by the climate, which is caused by sitting on the wetland. The dampness of the wetness is caused by eating cold drinks, eating cold fruits such as cold fruits, and hurting the body.

Suggestions: It is recommended that patients at the turn of summer and autumn should pay special attention to the ventilation of the room and workplace; after wading and raining, they should dry their bodies and change their clothes in a timely manner; do not soak in the river and swimming pool when the water is cold on a cloudy day to preventExternal wet invasion of the muscle surface hurts people.

To prevent internal moisture, do not eat raw cold melon in excess, the diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid fatty and greasy and overeating.

In addition, use lotus seeds, barley, red beans, white lentils and other spleen and damp goods to cook porridge in moderation, which can protect the spleen and stomach and eliminate moisture.