Weapons: How to keep women warm in winter

Weapons: How to keep women warm in winter

One of the key points of women’s winter health care is to do a good job in blood and beauty.

So how do women make up their blood in winter?

In addition to eating more winter blood supplement diet, you should pay special attention to other aspects.

  Do more exercise and not be afraid of cold to strengthen physical exercise, such as: jogging, climbing, gymnastics and so on.

Exercise can promote blood circulation in the body, strengthen metabolism, improve symptoms such as insufficient blood circulation in nerve endings, and use micro-sweat during exercise.

  Usually strengthen the movement of the hands and feet, for example: from the summer to develop the habit of often picking up hands, work and study leisure and more active ankles.

People who are sedentary or long-standing must understand the work and exercise, and do more hand, foot and waist activities to strengthen blood circulation.

  Warm clothing should be adequate. It is recommended to prepare a thin coat in the office to keep warm.

If the weather is too cold in winter, add gloves and socks to protect the cold, especially when sleeping.

Because the feet lose their warmth, it is not easy to fall asleep, you can wear warm cotton socks to help keep warm.

  What to eat is not afraid of cold and cold women in winter, choose warm food or medicinal materials to complement the cold.

Foods that have a warming effect are generally red, have a sweet taste, or a spicy flavoring and food.

  Warm foods suitable for winter use include meat: lamb, beef, shrimp, sea cucumber, oyster, squid, venison, chicken liver and other meats rich in protein and protein; fruits and vegetables: leeks, green peppers, mustard greens, kale, chili, onions, pumpkins, lychees, peaches, mangoes, raisins, longan, onions, ginger, garlic, etc.; other: coarse rice, sorghum, sesame, pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, chestnuts and other stone fruit.

  When frying or eating cold food, you can add some hot onions, ginger, garlic, star anise, pepper, pepper, ginseng, astragalus, dried tangerine peel and other seasonings or Chinese herbal medicines to reconcile.

Usually you can also use scorpion, red dates, ginseng, longan meat, ginger brewed tea, can also play a cold effect.

  Bathing before going to bed, warming hands and feet, bubble bath and feet before going to bed, can promote blood circulation, warm the body, but also relieve stress, help to fall asleep; after bathing or soaking the feet, dry and immediately put on socks to keep warmYou can use hot water in a bucket, rice wine and ginger (the ratio of hot water to rice wine is 1:1). When you watch TV in winter or after work break, you can help to improve the coldness of women.