742 Chapter emboldened

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  She originally thought that this world has so many changes, Lin northbound palace doctor to save lives should Nymphoides week, regarded as a great merit, Kai Emperor rewarded for this purpose the Jing’an palace, also have to remember how many 杭州夜网论坛points kindness northbound Lin; Lin yesterday northbound Rick Li Chengyu, to make a big save on a precarious state face; today, about to rush north of Zhou Weimin distress rescued, and Liledagong.This pile piece, might be able to trust in exchange for Lin Kai Emperor northbound and Jing’an palace, put Lin northbound back to the southwest, as both sides would not be against each other, it will not be reduced to the last northbound Lin troops on the north, the capital of coercion point.

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  so he.Heart a little sick.

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